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University left me with debt and no skills

It’s three years since I graduated university with an accounting degree and I still don’t know what they taught me. Univerisities are proud to say they prepare students to work out in the real world. They don’t. I think all I learned was how to write academically. This is a skill, but not the only … Continue reading

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Deep Danish Depression: Advice studying abroad.

Studying Abroad: Like you know, this blog is based on helping people find solutions and alternatives to getting into heavy student debt. One solution I mentioned was to go abroad. Which was actually the advice I took myself. I’m now studying in Europe and so far its been soo many things. First things to take … Continue reading

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“Save £25,000 at university and join the ‘tuition fee refugees'”

A good website too find bachelor/master and post grad degrees abroad is: http://www.bachelorsportal.eu/ You can also find some in English Welcome to the £9,000 tuition fee refugees. The number of British students applying to Dublin’s Trinity College has jumped by 20% to nearly 2,000 this year. At University College Dublin (UCD), applications from students with … Continue reading

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Private debt by country

UK GDP goes down, our exports goes down as companies move business abroad and get sold off. Economy slows and they’ll probably have to soon admit if they haven’t that we are in another recession. Faliure… but don’t worry you chase after that illustrious exspensive degree and chase that non existent well paying job at … Continue reading

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US:Law perspective ‘Chapter 13 bankruptcy is powerless to discharge student loan’

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is powerless to discharge student loan In America student loan debt sticks to the novices and lasts longer than expected. Neither Chapter 13 Bankruptcy nor Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can discharge this sticky debt account from your liability. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can arrange a repayment plan for your student loan but you cannot … Continue reading

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“Japan graduate jobs hit new low”

“The percentage of Japanese university students finding jobs before graduation has dropped to a record low, according to a government report. Some 68.8% of students secured a job offer before graduation in March – a figure down 4.3% year on year. It is the first time this number has fallen below 70% since annual records … Continue reading

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