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Deep Danish Depression: Advice studying abroad.

Studying Abroad:


Like you know, this blog is based on helping people find solutions and alternatives to getting into heavy student debt.

One solution I mentioned was to go abroad. Which was actually the advice I took myself.

I’m now studying in Europe and so far its been soo many things.

First things to take into account:

1) Funds: Even though you’re most likely to choose a university with cheap or free tuition, you’re probably still going to need to pay for your living costs. So having some savings, or looking at your prospects on finding a job would be a good idea. Also calculating the average cost of living in your chosen country/city would be necessary, that includes, rent, travel, food, leisure and traveling back home.

2) Language: do they speak a language you know, is the course in a language you are confident in? Because not knowing the language can hinder you and may affect your learning and job prospects.

3) Juggling a job and studying, something I never really thought of but it takes a lot of effort especially if your course demands a lot.

4) Being a way from home: if it’s the first time you’ll be away from home, especially being so far away, then it’s a good idea to address that you will be away from loved ones for long periods of time. So you should think about how well you can cope with a situation like that.

Just some general advice: Find out as much as you can about the country, the people and their attitudes and customs, the weather too, as you can face a stark culture shock. Whom will be in your class, I thought I’d be with a mix of people and also quite a few Danish people too. But I was surprised to find myself the only western European among several eastern Europeans and it’s another area where the culture was different and making friends proved to be tricky. Being English we love to complain haha, and they don’t…so you can see one issue right there.

It’s an obvious one, but inquire about the course. Because you don’t want to go to your desired location and find out you don’t like what you are studying.
I’ll post some more stuff on finding a job soon…

Anyway so far here… the course is really interesting, my class is not bad, there can be some drama and annoying people and all that fad, there’s also some complications understanding Danish teachers and the Danish teaching system. I also dislike the country or at least the city where I am, it’s uninteresting and soulless and Danish people here are a slightly better extension of that. Shops close at 5:30pm, but other than that it’s not awful! And being from London I’m at best a big city snob.

Good luck.

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