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“Save £25,000 at university and join the ‘tuition fee refugees'”

A good website too find bachelor/master and post grad degrees abroad is: http://www.bachelorsportal.eu/ You can also find some in English Welcome to the £9,000 tuition fee refugees. The number of British students applying to Dublin’s Trinity College has jumped by 20% to nearly 2,000 this year. At University College Dublin (UCD), applications from students with … Continue reading

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“Universities can’t do everything. Reinvent the polytechnic”

Leaping students with cracking A-level exam results have been a staple of August news bulletins. And while no one wants to rain on their parade, the class of 2012 will be entering an university system facing its greatest crisis since the Robbins Report of the 1960s. In opposition, universities minister David Willetts argued for inter-generational … Continue reading

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“Working abroad: what countries offer the best job prospects for graduates?”

After months of searching for work since graduating in June from the University of Kent, Lindsey Kendall has had enough. Next week, the 21-year-old from Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire will be boarding a plane to New Zealand, leaving behind the gloom of Britain’s jobless economy. Kendall joins an exodus of 10,000 Britons to New Zealand … Continue reading

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“Have high tuition fees put students off university?”

With the summer coming to an end, thousands of new students will be heading to university. For some, the debts they will incur are already preying on their minds as many students are paying £9,000 a year in tuition fees for the first time. BBC’s Reeta Chakrabarti looks at whether higher prices put many students … Continue reading

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“Student loans ‘will make it harder for graduates to get a mortgage'”

The cost of paying off student loans will make it harder for graduates to buy a property, research suggests. Without taking student loan payments into account, a buyer with a 90pc typical first-time buyer mortgage on an average graduate income would be spending 40pc of their income on their mortgage. It increases to 44pc on … Continue reading

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“The true cost of debt: People struggling to pay loans are ‘three times more likely to have mental health problems'”

The true cost of debt: People struggling to pay loans are ‘three times more likely to have mental health problems’ People with debt problems find stress and anxiety spills over into other areas of their lives More severe mental health effects are found among people who are late with housing or rent payments In parts … Continue reading

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