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Public Debt per Country, How can the UK and Europe Recover?

Estimated public debt analyst from the economist, very interesting. This is only the public debt by the way. What is a debtor? A tax slave.

See where your country is here:


It’s funny Libya was one of the few countries with very little foreign debt if any and it also has the least debt overall in the world.

Public debt per country:







$ 598,990,163,934

$ 825,241,643,836

$ 1,249,519,178,082

$ 1,312,906,849,315


$ 320,336,065,574

$ 522,788,219,178

$ 942,932,054,795

$ 1,092,555,068,493


$ 9,670,491,803

$ 9,903,013,699

$ 11,452,054,795

$ 14,979,726,027


$ 780,467,213,115


$ 2,009,264,931,507

$ 2,082,784,383,562




$ 2,326,790,958,904

$ 2,299,214,520,548


$ 4,247,540,984

$ 2,929,589,041

$ 2,700,000,000

$ 2,700,000,000


$ 1,100,000,000

$ 2,188,767,123

$ 7,818,356,164

$ 8,192,876,712


$ 39,945,901,639

$ 54,200,821,918

$ 147,243,835,616

$ 159,473,972,603




$ 2,295,298,082,192

$ 2,245,096,712,329


$ 217,391,803,279

$ 324,126,575,342

$ 471,710,136,986

$ 484,843,835,616


$ 147,111,475,410

$ 116,250,136,986

$ 125,277,260,274

$ 150,813,972,603


$ 352,132,786,885

$ 480,532,876,712

$ 804,564,383,562

$ 890,656,438,356


$ 132,968,852,459

$ 195,098,082,192

$ 194,053,424,658

$ 181,115,068,493


$ 3,060,360,655,738

$ 4,624,139,178,082

$ 8,915,255,068,493







Side note the USA has more than trebled it’s public debt, Germany has doubled in about 101/2 years or so.

The UK has also trebled it’s debt. Thank you Gordon. And that, is just public debt. And if governments bail out banks because of debt, as they are “too big to fail” then the public sector aka the tax payer aka YOU or your parents have to foot the bill. And if there are less workers in the UK they higher the tax until…. I dunno people have to work for free to use their labor to pay their debt.

By the way, the UK is finished, it’s constantly cutting jobs as you would have read on this website. So there is no production of wealth through labor, so now we see a drop in GDP and we have an increasing debt. Public debt is: about 82% per person, and private is about 386% or so which is predominately the crooked bankers fault, and yes people did spend more then they could, because thats it, they could and no one said don’t at the time did they. Infact the propaganda and the media said spend basically in PR terms.

And who lent them the money? The bankers. SO it is predominately their fault. And its not just the peoples debt is the bankers debt via foreign investments too and foreign cahoots and crookery and big bonuses and off shore complexness, and the farce which is the stock market…


It’s funny more and more people are going to University looking for that illustrious job which will pay them loads justifying getting into so much debt so they will be “better off” (HA!) people are so lead. And people actually think that the economy will some how get better all of a sudden because this supposedly has always happened. HA! Never before have we been in so much debt and it such a down turn and joblessness we are heading for at least a super-recession or a depression. And it’s time for people to say NO. We don’t want to cooperate with your crooked system.



2 thoughts on “Public Debt per Country, How can the UK and Europe Recover?

  1. cool.

    Posted by cleopatra | 24/09/2011, 9:09 am


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