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Tuition free: Universities Abroad

I have previously stated that there are universities that you can find that are tuition free.

As they are slowly getting rid of that it is vital that people interested do their homework now!

Learning another language is a must though.

GERMAN is important. It is a useful language, not the prettiest but there are till some universities that don’t charge tuition fees. SOme even have courses in english. You wont find the ridiculous useless courses that you will find in the UK but there is a bunch out there if you look properly. Here are some I did find.


– there are more these are just the ones I found.

  •  This site is useful for looking for Unis in Austria: http://www.fachhochschulen.ac.at/en

  • Even if you choose a fee charging university per semester it is: less than €400 and in a year there are 3 semesters. universities like this often give you a better chance of finding internships and with great skills in another language.

In Germany:

Offers english courses (as in, taught in english)


For Scandinavian countries sadly: http://www.studyineurope.eu/blog/the-end-of-free-education-at-universities-in-scandinavia

I’m not sure if it is all of them but you can check.

In Argentina

For those who wish to travel far:

All of the public ones are free. And Spanish is so easy to learn.

And many more.

An idea for those who are really interested in this.

To learn a language the best way is to live it and that you can do by au-pairing. It may sound miserable but I guarantee if you can aupair you don’t have to support yourself and will learn some of the cultural aspects of a language too. Or somehow you can take a gap year abroad, take a language class…


Masters and Post Grads can also be done abroad…



One thought on “Tuition free: Universities Abroad

  1. Can you post a longer list of more universities this is sort of short and very limited. Thank you.

    Posted by I.meissner | 18/02/2012, 5:13 am

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