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“Record A-Level Results As Uni Scramble Begins”

“Teenagers have scored record-breaking A-level results amid fears thousands will lose out in the scramble for university places.

The Ucas website crashed as students raced to discover their grades and there remain “intermittent” problems.

One in 12 exams achieved an A* grade, up 0.1% on last year when they were first introduced.

But the percentage of exams scoring at least an A grade has stalled for the first time in 15 years at 27%, the same as last year.

A spokesperson for Ucas, which manages university applications, confirmed there had been problems with the website.

High demand caused the Ucas Track site to fail but the organisation urged students to keep trying.”

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Comment: Yes exams are getting easier

If you believe the propaganda then that’s up to you.

Fact: the honest teachers know, disregard the ones who are just concerned about their own reports. In 2007 My german teachers said that the 1999 exams (we done for practice) would be more difficult, no one got over a C in that one,  however the then 2007 GCSE 3 people got  A stars 6 people got As and we were in a class of 15.


Why would they make it easier?

To get kids going to Uni and a great deal of them arent cut out for it, to make debtors out of them. That’s my first answer, remember in the current financial world debt=money. Anyway if you do a comprehensive investigation you will find out.



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