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London Riots: Hired Provokers ?

In my area as I expected. Looks like hired provokers to me:

Big white lads enter the shops, they start looting, and the stupid girls join in. And they will get targeted later. The provokers probably not. But most of them seem shocked. That’s a common theme for the vids I’m seeing.
I am hearing

  • I hear reports such as, bring out the army! Haha British people are on average too mindless and out of touch to even comprehend what a military run state is about. The military guys are on one kind of corrupt power trip and they are trained in bullying average people).
  • The police are under armed, – people seem more sympathetic with the police.
  • A lot of racial tension, especially towards black people – The camera guys usually like to focus on crowds they want to blame.
  • A lot of government demands
  • Bombs supposedly went off – average black teenage boys don’t just bomb things. They will join in looting a footlocker (shoe shop) but bomb things randomly, no.

  • Apparently people looted carpenter shops, pubs and libraries… average people loot and burn down carpenter shops, pubs and libraries, sure. Especially young black boys who most of the blame is aimed at. And burnt down buses with petrol soaked sheets… I am not familiar with teenage black boys who would ever want burn down buses or no know how to either.
  • The migrant populations have been similarly dumbed down in docility like the British public. And once all the recklessness starts you will get regular people looting and young angry boys with enough balls to think: well I hate the police, might as well join in.


That’s what the police do when it’s in Bank in upper London. And remember the student protests with the police really showing us who is boss.

And this is what they do in the not so important areas taking on the let them wreck everything attitude, it’s far too obvious to me.

The police have killed loads of young black boys before. But they never report it, not just young black boys, but other ethnic minorities too, poor working class white people, gang members too (who they usually don’t target because they like the crime and they work with the big ones). But they escalate this one by the media, just like the stabbings a few years back to increase the stop and search. I guess all the kids who remember how the police have treated them in the past just see this moment as an opportunity for payback.

They have the systems in place to really create whatever reaction they want. I heard there is literally nothing in some shops. I didn’t think food shortages would come so soon.

People will really be shocked by the identification technology that will be used to identify them.
Just take a look at this:
Psychopath like to me.



2 thoughts on “London Riots: Hired Provokers ?

  1. Interesting post. Thank you!

    Posted by Annon | 30/08/2011, 12:47 am

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