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“Students ditch UK schools to go abroad”

Low fees, star lecturers and good facilities are proving increasingly attractive to British students.

When the next generation of bright young architecture students begins plotting its route to Arb-registration, language lessons and visa applications are increasingly likely to feature.

With tuition fees about to go through the roof in Britain, US scholarships and the continent’s state-subsidised schools will seem pretty tempting, even if you need fluent Italian or German to land a place.

It has been an open secret among part IIs for a while, but doing the full five years abroad may soon become more common. At £900 a year in Switzerland instead of up to £9,000 in Britain, it’s easy to see why.

Breathtakingly low fees are by no means the only attraction, though. The first-class facilities and variety of courses at places like ETH and Mendrisio, both in Switzerland, are putting the pressure on UK schools.

But the single biggest draw is the tutors. Some of Britain’s best architects – names like David Chipperfield, Tony Fretton, Jonathan Sergison and Adam Caruso – are taking up professorships in Europe and the States and the most ambitious students are following them.

Since so many students get jobs at practices with links to the colleges they studied at, this exodus is motivated by more than purely intellectual interest.”

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