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“London and South East offer more than half of all graduate jobs”

Original article: Telegraph, Louisa Peacock

“London and the South East once again dominated the graduate recruitment market, collectively offering more than half of all graduate jobs in 2010-11, a new survey shows.

The annual research by the Association for Graduate Recruiters, out on Tuesday, found 44.2pc of all graduate vacancies were in the capital. Just under 10pc were in the South East, while the rest of the UK carried the remaining jobs.

Wales and Northern Ireland were the worst places for graduate jobs, with 2.2pc and 0.9pc of the total vacancies, the analysis showed. The North East, North West and Yorkshire only generated 12pc of all graduate vacancies collectively last year, raising fears that the North-South divide over jobs is alive and kicking.

In brighter news, graduate vacancies have increased slightly over the past year and starting salaries have edged upwards. The survey showed that for the first time in two years, employers were set to bump up starting wages by 2pc to £25,500 in 2010-11. The AGR said the recruitment market was beginning to “overcome” the recession.”

Unidebt Comment: I’m glad they put overcome in “” because the only reason why there be any increase in graduate jobs or salaries is because the past year or so the government has ou done it’s self to make it seem as if we have come out of a recession. They are still going full force ahead with monetary easing.

Sky News report: UK “growth”



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