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“Graduate jobs ‘rise despite record applicants per post'”

That title doesn’t make sense! It’s like saying the rain falls despite more birds in the sky. Ok, even if were more related, the rain falls despite more clouds in the sky???

Maybe I’m just to stupid to understand, but I’m thinking the people who do understand it are just morons.

Original article

“Graduate job opportunities in the UK are set to rise by 2.6% this year, despite record application numbers for each vacancy, a survey has suggested.

Average applications per job have risen to 83 in 2011, from 69 in 2010, 49 in 2009 and 31 in 2008, the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) said.”


….” “Let’s not forget that China, it’s predicted, will be producing more graduates than Europe and the US combined by 2020.” ”

There you go even more professional and well prepared competition from overseas. Employers don’t care about national identity these days, they want the most prepared graduates who can get the job don’t. It seems as if your average Brit looses out again.

Unidebt Comment: It’s funny the AGR has published these statistics at just the right time to get students to overlook the seriousness of the problem and  thinking, especially the ones without jobs right now, that they are the real problem, when the problem is that there wasnt that many jobs to start with and there are more applicants applying. Other articles state that there is graduate/job ratio of 83/1. Whether the amount of jobs increase by a mere 2% is ridiculous, that’s not the issue. The fact is that there are too many under par/unready and just too many in fact graduates graduating. They don’t even tell in which sector(s) the graduate job growth is in.



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