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“Fifth of graduates want to leave their jobs”

“More than half of new graduate recruits plan to leave their current role within two years, with two fifths hoping to find a new job in the next 12 months, the study found. Some 16pc want to switch roles immediately, despite the rocky jobs market and fierce competition for jobs.

Graduates said their top three interests were challenging work, a high salary and career progression, the survey of 1,900 graduates and managers published by the Institute of Leadership and Management found.

More than half of graduates expect to be appointed to a management role within three years of starting work, the study revealed. At least one in 10 believe they will be promoted to a management position within a year of their first job.

The study shows a growing disconnect between the ambition of today’s graduates compared with the reality of the marketplace. Recent research from the Association of Graduate Recruiters found a record 83 graduates were applying for each job going. Employers have become increasingly picky about who they take on and highly qualified graduates with little or no work experience are becoming increasingly overlooked in favour of skilled workers who can prove they have sought-after expertise.

University leavers who believe they should be promoted into a management role so soon after starting work are misjudging the state of the labour market, experts warned.”

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Unidet Comment: This just goes to show you how inflated and unrealistic the goals of University graduates are. All their indoctrination from school has actually caused some rare form of delusion that just because they’Ve been conned into getting this “illustrious” degree (most who are pretty darn luck to get a job) think they can actually just walk in and out of a higher paid job. Just like that. Most don’t have any real experience of what it is like to work I guess you can expect this when they crash-land into their first job especial after 3 or 4 years of extended childhood. 




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