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Question statisics: “Almost 9% unemployed six months on from graduation”

“Nearly 9% of the graduate Class of 2010 was unemployed six months after leaving university, according to figures published on Friday which also show that Buckingham university has the best employment record of any institution.

Nearly 62% of graduates were in work and a further 7% were combining work and further study, the figures show.

A total of 14.5% were in further study only, just over 3% were not available for employment and a similar percentage did not answer the question.

The latest figures show an improvement on last year when just over 66% were either in work or combining work and study, but indicate that the graduate job market has not yet returned to pre-credit crunch levels.

The equivalent data for the class of 2006 show that just over 71% were employed or combining work and study after six months.”

Original article

Lets do the math 9% leaves 81% working right?


Read article.

“Data published by the higher education statistics agency on Friday show that Buckingham, a private university, had a 100% employment record. However this was based on just 55 graduates.”

And question how the statistics are even gathered.



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