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The Open Contradiction: British Economy to Benefit £5 Billion as we Spend £20 Billion Tax Payers Money (London Olympics)

“Britain’s high street retailers can expect a £184.8million rise in revenue. A net £1.14billion increase in goods and services produced (economic output) across all sectors is also expected in order to meet demand over the period.

Visa estimates 17,900 new jobs will be created every year up to 2015.
The report may not impress critics who point to the £9.3billion overall cost of the Games – although the National Audit Office has said that estimate is ‘uncertain.’”

Full report here:  http://www.metro.co.uk/news/869011-london-olympics-to-boost-british-economy-by-5billion-report-reveals

The article is one of other obvious attempt to get people to try to see the benefits of London hosting the olympics,  I’m not against it personally, in fact I was thrilled at first a 14-year-old idiot, but knowing that we can not afford makes me unable to enjoy the games.

Now look here: 

Cost of 2012 Olympics ‘up £900m’

Crowds celebrate London's victory in Trafalgar Square

The costs of the games have gone up 38% in just over a year

The expected cost of the 2012 London Olympic park has risen 40% since the games were won in July 2005, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has told MPs.

The extra £900m cost was likely to be met by London council tax payers and lottery funds, Ms Jowell suggested

This was in 2006,

Full report here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6167504.stm

And 2 years after:

London 2012 could cost £20billion… TEN times original budget, ex-Olympics chief predicts


Last updated at 10:21 09 April 2008

The London Olympics could leave taxpayers facing a final bill of £20billion ? ten times the original budget, the man once charged with staging the Games claimed yesterday.

Jack Lemley, the former 2012 chief, accused Mayor of London Ken Livingstone of “suppressing” the true cost to win public backing for the bid.

The former chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority said it was clear from “very early on” that he was working to a budget of “well over £12billion”.

But Mr Lemley, who expects that figure to almost double because of problems with the land in Stratford, East London, claimed in an interview that he was banned from revealing the truth…

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-558211/London-2012-cost-20billion–TEN-times-original-budget-ex-Olympics-chief-predicts.html#ixzz1SAoJgLHj
That was 3 years ago. I wonder what it is now? The fact is they know what it is, they continually lie and try to manipulate the public who have short memories. It’s all a big joke. When will people wake up to this. The UK economy is falling down the drain and people aren’t paying attention and are absolutely oblivious.


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