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Student Debt

The situation: The Government wants Students in Debt

How the system works

Student Finance Direct: Original Websitehttp://www.studentfinance.direct.gov.uk/goodbye.html

Directgov takeover site:


Many students embarking on their first year at University will think; YAY, oh boy! Freedom, social life, young people, sex, alcohol, creativity, money, somewhat smart other people who I can talk to… the list goes on.

Most 6th formers would be thrilled at the prospect of University. As it is the first time most teen will have to live away from home and become ‘independent’.

The biggest thing for many is all this new extra (seemingly free) CASH. “Is like winning the lottery”. And for many students it would be the first time they will handle so much money at one go.

The fact is it is most likely that as an 18 year old in this society they are bound to misuse it.

I remember one boy saying that he had already gone £700 into his overdraft just a few weeks after the load was sent out. Laughing as if it was a cool thing.

The UK system works differently.

The vast majority of students have to pay for their own expenses (be that tuition fees or living costs). Their parents just can amass so much money to do so. And even if they can they are allured by the prospects of the student loan, “it’s his choice, his education, he will take responsibility for it” (although I’m nagging him to go) or even if they can, it’s gives them leverage,  not having the burden of having to let go of so much money in one time.

Previously there was a body called Student Finance and you would apply manually for a student loan and for some a student grant is available but to get a grant you would have to take out the maximum available in loans. Maybe now it has altered.

Now you can apply for a student loan online and its all run by the central British government website called Directgov and it not only oversees student finances but almost everything else. (Ironic: All the careers advisers that worked for Connexions now have no careers).

It’s all pretty easy, you can ask for as much money as there is available to you.

The loan can cover your tuition fees and your maintenance costs, such as housing, food, utensils…, so it wont just be for example, £3000+ for tuition fees, but also an extra £3000 – £5000 or more for living costs.

In fact for the first year, I was told some students studying in London got into close to £11000 debt just for the first year (one girl bought a car) so imagine now we have the £9000 tuition fees plus an extra £5000 is easily 14000 smackers for a native kid studying in an expensive area.

Well mind you me, that is not fair. And if they study drama or history… then there is probably little chance they will pay it off any time soon.

Most students think that they will study, finish, get an illustrious graduate job, paying £25,000 a year and they would be able to pay off the debt in no time.

Hahahahahahahahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! It’s not funny get real.

Just because you know of one upper middle class boy who went to imperial and this happened to him, does not mean it will happen to you. These people are scouted way in advance for these places, and if that isn’t, you know if it is. Then join the rest for the battle of the KFC job for the foreseeable future.

It’s like keeping hopeful about the lottery.

UK Education system

The UK has fallen under-par in the teaching of students from 0 – 18 on a world scale. No one can deny that.

I remember in secondary school from years 7-9 learning nothing really. Absolutely nothing. And the only thing that motivated me to really study some maths was the year 9 SATs and they have scrapped that too.

In Poland a year 8 student equivalent could take on the GCSEs we do now. They also learn to speak, German, English and Polish. And people must remember that most other Europeans are bilingual more to say for the average British student. Whose English is even questionable. Myself including to an extent.

Nowadays the exams are easier, students aren’t being tested well, nor in depth, talent isn’t nurtured and the comprehensive school system is a farce. We have students who leave school who are even looking to do an English degree and have an A at English A levels who can not read aloud and who do not read books exterior to the curriculum at all. And when you get to University level and you see the Chinese, Indian, Eastern European and African students, who come from at times more modest backgrounds, out skill many of the natives then you must ask yourself why?

Still the Labour government wanted to put more than 50% then later stated 75% of students into University.

But the fact is university is not for everyone!

They should stop with this cash monopoly! Not everyone is suited for a rigid academic education. I noticed in university that all courses are being made to resemble each other so the way a language degree is taught does not differ much from the way some Law or engineering degrees are taught. And when students are encouraged to go to University with straight Ds, to study film studies at some local run-down university charging the same or similar price to Oxford because they are manipulated into thinking that if they do not go to university their lives are over and they do not mean anything… then we have to address that there is seriously something wrong. There must be an agenda behind it.

Especially when you analyse that our economy is increasingly a service sector economy, then you will see that the majority of the jobs created are not professional, they are the KFCs and the TESCO till jobs. I read recently that Thorntons had to close a bunch of shops, even that sector is dying too. Only big internation mega corperations can survive.

All our manufacturing jobs have been shipped offshore where it is cheaper to make and they can pay cheaper wages. And even when I call some institutions or organisations, I get transferred to India! Where I talk to some Indian person who is clueless about my questions, faking a British accent. So why oh why are we being manipulated?!

Look at this article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/universityeducation/8122581/David-Cameron-admits-tuition-fees-increase-will-keep-cost-to-foreign-students-down.html

IT seems that the priority is the foreign students who pay more for fees and are better students. And who come to the UK for a better Higher education are more prepared mentally and focused then go back to their countries where they still have jobs and where the economy is growing and are better off than British kids who are second class citizens in their own country.

In my next piece I will discuss solutions for all those savvy enough and not so related to follow the fashion.



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